Hair and Nails

Hair and Nails in Gloucestershire

Dr Anita Takwale is the hair and nail specialist in Gloucestershire. She also provides a secondary and tertiary hair and nails referral service for the South West.

The service includes a wide variety of support for hair and nail conditions, as well as facilities for Diphencyprone immunotherapy (for alopecia areata), hair microscopy, and medical photography. The service benefits from strong links with a dermatopathologist with an interest in hair and nail disease. 

Dr Takwale holds the specialist hair clinic at Aspen Centre, Gloucester Royal Hospital three times a month, on the NHS (to access this service, please talk with your GP), and at Stratum Dermatology Clinic, Cheltenham every Wednesday morning and once a month on Friday mornings, privately (please contact 01242 388418). 

In addition to this, Dr Takwale holds a private clinic at the Nuffield Health Hospital every Wednesday afternoon for general dermatology, skin cancer and nail problems. To discuss the Nuffield Health option, please contact Helen Moreton on  07836682454 or 01242 246574.

Hair Conditions

Scalp hair is a key component of how we express our personalities and perceive our self-image and so hair loss can have a significant impact on our well-being and quality of life. Yet, 82 out of every thousand individuals are diagnosed with scalp and hair disorders [Rea et al. 1976]. This can present in multiple forms; from a small patch of hair loss to excessive hair shedding; and from minor changes to severe inflammation potentially resulting in discomfort and permanent hair loss. To establish the correct diagnosis requires careful assessment of the patient’s history and examination findings, sometimes supplemented by appropriate investigations. Patients are commonly referred for specialist dermatology review either to establish a diagnosis or for advice on therapy.  

Common hair conditions feature hair thinning or loss. Dr Takwale's video below contains more information.


In addition to standard treatments for hair loss, Dr Takwale offers 'Platelet Rich Plasma' treatment for this at her clinic.


Nail Conditions

Like hair, nails matter.  We view them not only as practical tools - they protect our sensitive fingers and toes - but they are also a feature in how we perceive our own health and image. Yet like the other body parts, nails can suffer from abnormalities and disorders too. We can see spots, discolouration, and nail seperation which can be independent or as a result of other medical conditions. Dermatologists are well-equipped to interpret and diagnose nail conditions, and can give you the best advice to take moving forward. 

Below is a video interview of Dr Takwale after her talk  on Nail Surgical Anatomy at the British Hair and Nail Society Conference, 2019. 


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